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.NET Open Source CMS

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  • Nirvana

    Post Date: Dec 02, 2006
    Reviewed By: Kenneth Solberg Rating:

    I've worked with CMS systems since 2000. Everything from homebrew CMS called Essence that served sites like Ingenious (10+mill visitors / year), Tandberg and more. I'm also a Sitecore certified developer with numerous implementations such as (5+mill visitors / year), large intranets etc. I've also worked with a bunch of other CM systems.

    Umbraco is simply *by far* the best one out there. The simplicity, the community, the flexibility, it's all there. Implementation time is at least twice as fast as any other systems I've used. The best part though, is the ubersatisfied customers. I can spend no more than 30 minutes and they go like: "Ok, I get this - this is easy!" ...and they keep coming back for new projects, with a big smile in their face :-)

    Here are some more facts:
    - 2005: 3993 installations
    - Today: 15.639 installations
    - Q3 2006: 291% growth rate
    - Among the Top Ten most active open source .NET projects World Wide
    - 300+ Partners world wide


  • Umbraco is fun...and it works!

    Post Date: Sep 07, 2006
    Reviewed By: Claus Nedergaard Rating:

    I have been playing around with Umbraco for 4-5 months now. I have no technical skills whatsoever. But with little effort I mangaed to get Umbraco rolling in an hour or so...yes I know...the techies can do in 10 mins :-)

    Umbraco is so strong because it allows non-techies to create CMS sites at a low cost. The system just keeps getting better by the day because whenever someone is in need of a feature or a tweak somebody else comes to the rescue...that's community develoment for you!

    I'm looking forward to see where Umbraco is in just 5 or 6 months.

  • Fantastic CMS

    Post Date: Sep 07, 2006
    Reviewed By: Stewart Twynham Rating:

    I've been developing applications on the web since 1993, and using CMS's since 2001. Umbraco offers faster performance, rock solid standards compliance, easier SEO, simpler accessibility, quicker deployment and incredible extensibility more than than anything else out there at the moment. Believe me, you only have to look at the c:inetpub directory on my laptop to discover how many CMS's I've tried and rejected!!

    Did I mention the established user community, or the great-looking front-end GUI which clients love?

    Downsides? The under-the-bonnet stuff is probably more developer-oriented - it's not for faint-hearted webmasters who aren't prepared to dabble (a bit) in XML / XSLT and learn something very powerful along the way. But then again, those people will probably still be building their sites with tables and 1 pixel GIFs... :)

  • Great Product

    Post Date: Sep 07, 2006
    Reviewed By: Sjors Pals Rating:

    I am using Umbraco for about 6 months now, this is is the first product which fits almost al my needs!

    Why this product is better as 99% percent of the other products?

    Well very simple, they focus on what developers need, and not on what marketeers like. I also worked with a lot of "enterprise" products, but when you look at these its funny to see that even the most essential stuff is missing. Look how much effort it cost to install those products? With Umbraco i was up and running in 10 minutes, and made my first Site within an hour!

    Is umbraco perfect? No far from all, the documentation is still limited, there are still some "essential" functions missing, but on the other hand, its free and open source.

    And there is enough help on the Net to find out how it works. And the forum also works very good, most of the questions are answered within an Hour.

    My prediction? I think Umbraco will be the most populair CMS on the microsoft platform within 2 years.

  • Umbraco rocks

    Post Date: Sep 07, 2006
    Reviewed By: Ismail Mayat Rating:

    I have been working with CMS's since 2001. From cheap and nasty to extremely expensive overkill.

    Umbraco has been the best by far. Built 4 sites working on fifth and no doubt more to come. It for me has something that has been lacking in many cms's a good balance between ease of use for content authors and developers many cms's tip the balance one way or the other.

    The other great thing is if something is missing then build your own extension or data type and plug it in. A bit like that MTV show pimp up my ride or in this case pimp up my Umbraco.

    The user community is very active and plenty of helpful experts out there who are always willing to help with advice and source code.

    The only downside is documentation however there is stuff in the pipeline and there is an old manual knocking around.

    Now its all well and good me ranting on about how great it is. The proof is in the pudding. Go get it its free and give it a whirl

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